Right Now in Ethnically Ambiguous

We Are Globalist Cucks

The girls dive back into news about Saudi Arabia (AND ARE NOT HAPPY ABOUT BEING FOOLED BY THEM) & Qatar, an update on the Barcelona attacks, a 14 year old boy doing the Macarena, Saudi Arabia & Iran pretending they want to get along, & more.

We Are Our Fathers

The girls are back & apologize for what a mess last weeks episode was. Then they get into some real personal “what it’s like to have immigrant parents” discussion, & then discuss updates with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, a Syria report, & more.

We Are Terrible At This

The girls talk about the inflatable chicken that showed up in front of the White House, Afghan women disabled basketball team, Baceprot: the Indonesian metal band made of three young Muslim girls, why Israel really banned Al Jazeera, & more.

We Are Sara June

The girls decided to release an old episode they recorded with comedian Sara June. They discuss growing up brown in America, legendary Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, weapon sales in the middle east, the queen of Jordan’s instagram, & more!

We Are Aladdin

The girls are back for episode 2 & they get into the casting of the new live-action Aladdin, the first same-sex Muslim marriage, an exciting new emoji, Qatar, updates on the travel ban, ISIS, & how the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia came to power.

We Are Lobster

For the inaugural episode of Ethnically Ambiguous, the girls get down to business real quick & discuss Qatar & Al Jazeera, the Supreme Court travel ban decision, issues in Syria, the student geniuses of Iran, a lobster that made it to TSA, & more.

We Are Ethnically Ambiguous

Anna and Shereen introduce you to their podcast, give you a taste of the news they've been following, & talk brown girl hair care, eyebrows, & more. Welcome to new brown America insanity.