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We Are Ismael Loutfi

In episode 49, the girls are joined by comedian and Syrian Ismael Loutfi. They talk about Ismael's upbringing as a devout Muslim in Florida, his entrance into comedy and the acts he looked up to most, his current relationship with religion, fasting for ramadan, what his parents are like, the correct pronunciation of 'Ismael,' and so much more! It's a great episode with a great guest and we aren't just saying that!! Follow Ismael on Twitter at @Ismaelian and on Instagram at @ismaelyloutfi. 

We Are Migrants

In episode 48, the girls talk about foreign ideas that they couldn't translate into English for the longest times. They talk Middle Eastern spices like Sumac and Iranian dishes like Ghormeh Sabzi! Then Shereen gets into the situation in the US with the Trump administration separating immigrant parents from their kids along with his transparent executive order he signed. Anna then talks about Team Melli, the Iranian soccer team, competing in the World Cup and the lack of ability to get any sponsored equipment from Nike and more due to sanctions imposed on the country. They play some sound clips! Whoa!

EA Footnotes Episode 48: We Are Migrants

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 48: We Are Migrants.

We Are In Crisis

In episode 47, the girls talk about the deceased Palestinian medic who is being slandered by Israel, a break down of the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979, the work Anthony Bourdain did to humanize Middle Easterners and Palestinians on his television shows, traditional Syrian food, plus they go over five star reviews left by great fans! Also check out their article in Subvrt Magazine. Link in our footnotes, twitter, and Instagram bio! 

EA Footnotes Episode 47: We Are In Crisis

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 47: We Are In Crisis.

We Are Related

In episode 46, the girls start with catching up on some news (like a certain Saudi Arabian fashion show involving drones) then they get into their ancestry DNA results! The show starts off a little slow as they try and figure out how the website works - stick with us! They reveal all their origins to their listeners and then discuss their paternal and material extended families and how mental illness has into their blood through genetics. It's an interesting discussion about suicide, lack of mental illness awareness in the Middle East, and how it's always brushed under the table as something else. It gets deep! We're all related! 

EA Footnotes Episode 46: We Are Related

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 46: We Are Related.

We Are Not Aware of Israel's Nuclear Program

In episode 45, the girls break down the Israel's nuclear program - that's right, it exists! But the United States government doesn't want you to know they know about it. Does that make sense? No! It's the mother of all double standards. They also get in to the world of Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli whistleblower who sure wanted us to know about the Israeli nuclear program! It's a crazy story that deserves to be its own movie. They girls also get personal at the end and talk about how they've dealt with their own mental health issues in the past and present. Get to it! 

EA Footnotes Episode 45: We Are Not Aware of Israel's Nuclear Program

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 45: We Are Not Aware of Israel's Nuclear Program.

We Are Summer Farah

In episode 44, the girls are joined by student and Palestinian poet Summer Farah to discuss her experiences growing up as a Palestinian-American in the USA. They also discuss her poetry and use of Arabic words in her work and how it has contributed to her art. A lot more is discussed and we really recommend you listen NOW! Find Summer Farah on Twitter at @summabis and on Instagram at @bordersbookstore. Yay! 

We Are The Unibrower

In episode 43, the girls discuss Gaza a little, then get in to the Middle East fatigue they have been experiencing from everything going on, then they go on to talk about how they met and how the podcast came to be. Anna wants to know which Wild Wild Country character listeners think the are so tweet that in! It's a personal episode about personal things with discussions about Shereen's upcoming microblading appointment, their 23 and me results, and much more. Check out the twitter @ethnicallyamb to see the links the girls were referencing from the past week. Ramadan Mubarak!

We Are Raj Desai

In episode 42, the girls are joined by comedian and television writer Raj Desai to talk about his upbringing, what got him into comedy, his law school years, his first writing gig, working with Sarah Silverman on 'I Love You, America,' his comedy influences, his experience writing for the White House Correspondents Dinner, and much, much more! Find him on Twitter at @_rajdesai and find more info at www.rajdesai.tumblr.com. 

We Are The Gaza Strip

In episode 41, the girls break down what they've learned about the Gaza Strip protests in Palestine/Israel. They start by discussing Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents Dinner jokes, Netanyahu's new evidence that Iran is secretly building nuclear weapons, and then get in to the Great March of Return protests happening. They talk about what it stands for, who is involved, and why it's happening. It's all very complicated - who knew? Rate, review, and tell a friend! 

EA Footnotes Episode 41: We Are The Gaza Strip

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 41: We Are The Gaza Strip.

We Are The Bomb

In episode 40, the girls discuss their past week's and then get in to their topics. Anna attempts to break down the Iran Nuclear Deal aka the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. It's a confusing one cause science is hard to explain for her. What's new? Shereen then talks about the history of the Syrian Joan of Arc: Naziq al-Abid who fought heavily for women's right's in the Middle East. She's a real bad-ass! They then discuss their experiences traveling with their families to their respective home countries, Shereen to Syria, and Anna to Iran. As we always say: it's a fun episode! 

EA Footnotes Episode 40: We Are The Bomb

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 40: We Are The Bomb.

We Are Syria

In episode 39, the girls decide to dedicate the entire show to Syria. Why? Because they felt it's necessary to break down why the airstrikes on chemical weapon facilities by the US, UK, and France happened and why it's important. It's an emotional episode as usual and they go through Theresa May's speech about what happened and break it down. They also get into how the West may not be able to solve the problems of the Middle East and why. A lot is covered so feel free to pause, take a breath, and continue at your own pace. Also Shereen finally sheds her first tear while recording an episode! A momentous moment! 

EA Footnotes Episode 39: We Are Syria

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 39: We Are Syria.

We Are Dani Fernandez

In episode 38, the girls are joined by comedian Dani Fernandez to talk about her early life and how she got to LA, her experience auditioning in Los Angeles and getting hosting gigs as a woman of color, representation of minorities in media, a leak of some problematic comments from an acting teacher in Los Angeles, immigrant families lack of discussion of mental illness, her new podcast on How Stuff Works called 'Nerdificent,' and much more. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @MsDaniFernandez. 

EA Footnotes Episode 37: We Are Spicy

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 37: We Are Spicy.