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I Am Chris Farah

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by comedian and actress Chris Farah. They talk about her Palestinian and Lebanese background, growing up in Orange County, her Arab family dynamic, and more! It's a good vibe, like all our guests but this one is women being real with women in the realest way! Omg! Follow Chris on Instagram and Twitter at @ChrisLFarah. Watch her videos on YouTube as well! 

We Are America Two

In episode 103, the girls talk about buying an island and starting 'America Two' cause this one currently sucks. Then they talk about the worst immigration judge in this country and how immigration courts work for asylum seekers, which Democratic senators who are running for president and also support Israel, plus the documentary film Gaza Fights For Freedom, and more! Buy our new merch! Okay, bye!


1. “Your Judge Is Your Destiny”

2. More Than 52,000 People Are Now Being Detained By ICE, An Apparent All-Time High

3. Immigrants held in remote ICE facilities struggle to find legal aid before they’re deported

4. Asylum Decisions and Denials Jump in 2018

5. Long shot lawyer: Defending migrants in US’s toughest immigration court

6. American Bar Association Says Immigration Courts Are 'On The Brink Of Collapse'

7. Let John Oliver (and Some Adorable Toddlers) Teach You About Immigration Courts

8. An absolutely stunning racist attack on @IlhanMN from Tucker.

9. Gaza Fights For Freedom

10. ‘Gaza Fights for Freedom’ premiers in Los Angeles

11. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch On Tee Public

I Am Bhi Bhiman

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by musician/music producer/podcaster Bhi Bhiman to talk about his new album and podcast 'Peace Of Mind,' his upbringing in the mid-west, his relationship with his family, where his name stems from, how he came up in the music industry, and much more! It's a great episode where everyone really vibes. They even talk a little about Chris Cornell! It's all good, baby! Find his album here! Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @BhiBhiman. 

We Are Not Welcome In France

In episode 102, the girls have a slow start but then get into the princes in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates who want to destroy any hope for Arab democracy, an update on the Iran and US tensions over the nuclear deal, and a story about how France is still super racist and against religious freedom when it comes to Muslim women and their hijabs, burka's, and burkini. WHY ARE THEY SO ISLAMOPHOBIC???


1. The Princes Who Want to Destroy Any Hope for Arab Democracy

2. 'Seriously?': Zarif mocks US, insists Iran has not violated deal

3. Pools in France close after women defy burkini ban

4. Hijab: a very French obsession

5. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public

I Am Aymann Ismail

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined remotely by Slate Magazine's Aymann Ismail. They talk about his upbringing as an Egyptian-American in New Jersey, his college experiences, the racism he dealt with in NYC, his video series Who's Afraid Of Aymann Ismail?, his new podcast Man Up, his work for Slate Magazine, and more! Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @aymanndotcom. 

We Are The U.S.S. Whatever

In episode 101, the girls get into US an Iran tensions through the years and then take a look at horror going on at our border and the unlivable migrant camps children are being held at. It's super uplifting, not. Check out links below to see how you can donate to the children who are being held at these camps. Also our new merch is out but feels kinda strange promoting that after telling you to donate to the children. Spend your money how you wish! Leave a review? Are we monsters?


1. The key moments in the long history of U.S.-Iran tensions

2. US-Iran relations: A brief history

3. Iran–United States relations

4. Operation Praying Mantis

5. American Concentration Camps

6. Horror across US-Mexico border with multiple parents, infants dead

7. Shocking photo of drowned father and daughter highlights migrants' border peril

9. Want to help migrant children at the border? Here’s how to donate

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I Am Melissa Lozada-Oliva

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by poet Melissa Lozada-Oliva! They talk about her upbringing in Massachusetts, what growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood was like, where she gets her inspiration for her poetry, and more! She also reads us a poem! Plus she has her own podcast called SAY MORE with Olivia Gatwood. You can check out her website at www.melissalozadaoliva.com and follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @ellomelissa. 



(Note: This episode is insane and makes no sense and it's mostly a celebration. If you are not into that this is not the episode for you - tune back again next week for that news stuff.)

I Am Arisce Wanzer

In this empowering bonus episode, the girls are joined by comedian and trans supermodel Arisce Wanzer. They talk about her upbringing, coming out as trans in Miami, moving to West Hollywood, how the modeling world works for the trans community, and so much more! She breaks down the fashion world for us!! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @Ariscestocrat. 

We Are Blue For Sudan

It's episode 99! The girls start by talking of the passing of Anna's grandfather in Iran, then get into the meeting of the prime minister of Japan and the Supreme Leader of Iran, and then a singer from Syria Abdel-Basset al-Sarout, and then a break down of what is going on in Sudan right now. Listen and be sad with us! Oh well!


1. Trump administration blames Iran for oil tanker attacks in Middle East

2. Iran has 'no intentions' to make or use nuclear weapons, Abe says

3. Abdel-Basset al-Sarout: Controversial singer of Syria's war

4. Sudan Massacre: What's Happening and How to Help

5. ‘Horrific and Barbaric’: Here’s What We Know About the Human Rights Crisis in Sudan

6. George Clooney Arrested During A Protest At The Sudan Embassy

7. Ethnically Ambiguous on Tee Public

I Am Yusong Liu

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by the one and only Yusong Liu! They get into his upbringing, immigrating to America and moving around as a child, what got him into podcasting, his journey out to Los Angeles, working at Starburns Audio and then on Doughboys and so much more! Follow him on Instagram at @Yusong_Liu and on Twitter at @YusongL. WE LOVE YOU YUSONG!! 

We Are Eid

In episode 98, the girls catch up and talk about the very lonely Keanu Reeves and then get into the Jared Kushner interview on Axios on HBO and his idiotic thoughts on Palestine, plus a break down of what Eid is and how Muslims celebrate Ramadan, and more! What fun! Google image "Keanu Reeves alone" and feel for the man! Eid Mubarak!


1. Kushner: Palestinians not yet capable of governing themselves

2. 2 especially cringeworthy moments from Jared Kushner’s Axios interview

3. The 29 most eyebrow-raising lines from Jared Kushner's Axios interview

4. Eid al-Fitr 2019: Everything you need to know


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I Am Yusef Roach

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by comedian and EDGE LORD Yusef Roach to discuss his upbringing, his insane twitter, how he came into comedy in Austin, and much more! It's a fun episode and the girls and Yusef have a lot of fun and it's a wild ride of an episode! Enjoy it cause we did! Follow Yusef on Instagram and Twitter at @YusefRoach and get deep! 

We Are Nikesh Shukla

In episode 97, the girls are joined by writer and the editor of the Good Immigrant books Nikesh Shukla. They discuss his upbringing, a racist experience that altered his life, what got him into writing, his past rap career and how it bled into the subject matter of his first novel, and much, much more! Follow him on Twitter at @nikeshshukla and on Instagram at @nshuklawhaaat. Also check out the Good Immigrant book here!

Also if you're in the Los Angeles area, Nikesh will be at Chevalier Books tomorrow, Tuesday, 4th June, from 7pm to 9pm to do a The Good Immigrant USA panel with Jade Chang and our very own Dani Fernandez! More info can be found here!

I Am Yalın Özer

This is the final episode of Anna's Interesting People Of Berlin series! In this one, she is joined by Turkish chef and Berlin resident Yalın Özer. They get into his experiences coming to Berlin from Turkey, what it was like to work in high-intensity high-end restaurant kitchens, the racism Turkish people experienced in Berlin and how the city has changed, the difference between being born in Turkey and being Turkish born in Germany, his love for the NBA, and more! It's a really interesting conversation! Check out his Instagram at @yalinofski - he posts pictures of his tasty food creations! 

I Am Patty Mulloy

Another bonus episode that is a part of Anna's Interesting People Of Berlin series! Anna is joined by her friend and expat Patty Mulloy to talk about her experiences living in Berlin, growing up as a child adopted from India in Mobile, Alabama, growing up with a white mother in the South, exploring her identity, and more! If you're ever in Berlin, check out the puppet theater she works at, Schaubude Berlin! And check her out on Instagram at @PattyAnnish

I Am Estrella Bonilla

In this bonus episode, Anna tries something different! This episode is part of her Interesting People Of Berlin series! She interviews longtime friend and expat Estrella Bonilla about her life in Berlin, her work with children's yoga, and Rabbel Magazine, the pre-teen magazine she works on. She also discusses her own mother's experience coming to America as an illegal-immigrant from Ecuador and how it differs from what migrants go through today. Check out Rabbel Mag here! 

We Are Spoiler Alert

In episode 96, the girls get into it quick! They talk about Jared Kushner and his 'ultimate deal' for Palestine and Israel and how that effects Jordan, the dozens killed in a airstrikes and more in Syria, what their parents do for Ramadan, and more!


1. Kushner's squeeze play on Jordan's King Abdullah

2. Inside the room: King of Jordan left in the dark on Trump's peace plan

3. Dozens killed as rebels launch counterattack in Syria

4. Fasts and late-night protein shakes: how Muslim athletes compete during Ramadan

5. Russian air raids 'kill five children' in Syria's Idlib

6. Ethnically Ambiguous on Tee Public

I Am Shangela

This is one of the most glorious bonus episodes yet! We are joined by DJ Pierce AKA Shangela Laquifa Wadley! The girls are blessed to have Shangela in studio and cannot contain their excitement. We won't describe the episode because you NEED TO LISTEN TO IT! DO IT NOW! Shangela is here and Shangela is ethnically ambiguous AF. What are you waiting for? PRESS PLAY! Also check out Shangela on Twitter and Instagram at @itsSHANGELA. And of course you know Shangela has a podcast - you can find it here! ALSO BUY SHANGELA MERCH HERE! 

We Are Not Gucci

In episode 95, the girls get into Gucci's problematic turban, the bills banning abortion throughout the South, the tensions escalating between Iran and the Trump administration, and much much more! Anna is too much in a hurry to write a longer description! Tomorrow is her birthday! This episode is dedicated to friend Domo!


1. Are tensions between US, Gulf allies and Iran coming to a head?

2. Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Attack Saudi Oil Facilities, Escalating Tensions in Gulf

3. War With Iran Wouldn’t Be Like Iraq

4. Trump administration's Iran threat claim disputed by foreign officials

5. It’s Time for the Leaders of Saudi Arabia and Iran to Talk

6. Iran Threat Debate Is Set Off by Images of Missiles at Sea

7. What happens next with Alabama's near-total abortion ban

8. Roe v. Wade

9. Gucci once again under fire for selling ‘Full Indy Turban’

10. Ethnically Ambiguous on Tee Public