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I Am Ahamed Weinberg

The hilarious Ahamed Weinberg joins Anna and Shereen for this amazing bonus episode! After Shereen admits how much her mom loves Ahamed's comedy they get into Ahamed's journey into comedy, being raised by Muslim-converts on a hippie compound, being a practicing Muslim in America (and how it influences his work) and so much more! He's one of the funniest comedians out there; be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram @ahamedweinberg. 

We Are Being Watched

It's episode 80 and the girls are back at it again! We're all being watched! They start by hearing how Anna is just not having it, but the dog Andie makes her happy. Then they get into what is going on with Venezuela and their presidents, and a film made by Al Jazeera that has been suppressed because reveals how much Israel spies on US citizens. WE ARE ALL BEING WATCHED Y'ALL!!


1. Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see

2. How Israel Spies on US Citizens

3. New Al Jazeera film uncovers 'rotting foundation' of U.S. Israel lobby

4. “National security” cited as reason Al Jazeera nixed Israel lobby film

5. What Is Happening in Venezuela? How It Got Here and Why It Matters

6. What next for Venezuela? Everything you need to know about the country with two presidents

7. EU parliament recognises Venezuela's Guaido as interim president

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I Am Edgar Momplaisir

This week's bonus episode is Shereen joined by Edgar Momplaisir! In addition to co-hosting Culture Kings, Edgar is also a comedian, writer, and performer who has a voice of velvet. His strict Adventist upbringing and relationship with his family is fascinating and there is a lot to pack here, and Shereen gets in deep. Love languages deep. This was such a fun episode to record and we love when our guests get personal - thank you so much to Edgar for opening up to us! Follow him around in person or on twitter @edgarmomplaisir and instagram @awfulgram. 

We Are Depressed

In episode 79, the girls get into the Saudi sisters found dead in New York, Saudi Arabia's plan to become the number one entertainment hot spot, Israel evicting Palestinian families from their homes, tales of torture in Israel's prisons, depression, and more! Truly an uplifting episode. Buy merch and send us pics!! We will repost!


1. Deaths of Saudi sisters found in New York river ruled suicide

2. Saudi Arabia planning 'bull run', rap concert and wax museum

3. Israel evicting Palestinian family to replace them with settlers

4. Jerusalem's Palestinian Cabbies

5. Tales of torture from Israel's prisons

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I Am Sina Grace

In this bonus episodes, the girls are joined by comic book illustrator, artist, and writer Sina Grace! They get into his upbringing by his Iranian mother, his experience coming out to her, being accused of emotional terrorism through gift giving, his work on Marvel's Iceman, and so much more! Follow Sina on Instagram and Twitter at @SinaGrace and check out his work at SinaGrace.com. 

We Are Lightheaded

It's episode 78 and boy do the girls feel lightheaded (not really, just Anna) - anyway they talk about Trump's comments about "ISIS being defeated" (untrue), the harsh winter realities for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the feminist kitting circle in India challenging the patriarchal norms, and so much more! Also starting this week (the 23rd) our merch is on sale on Tee Public! Also send over any non-profit/charities/programs that we can donate t-shirt sales to!! WE LOVE YOU!


1. Has Isis been defeated in Syria, as Trump claims?

2. Civilians, US troops killed in blast in northern Syria

3. India is the most dangerous country for women. It must face reality

4. The feminist knitting circle in India upending patriarchal norms

5. Harsh winter takes deadly toll on Syrian refugees

6. Another winter storm brings further misery to Syrian refugees

7. In Lebanon's storm-hit camps, Syrians help with relief aid

8. 'Can't feel my feet anymore': Syrian refugees brave harsh weather

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We Are Arab Spring Break

Our most packed bonus episode yet! This week Shereen is joined by the creators and hosts of the Arab Spring Break Comedy Show. Anna and Shereen both performed at the first Arab Spring Break show back in November and it was an inclusive and inspiring night; we can't wait for y'all to meet the amazing hosts behind it all! Shereen talks to Claude, Maya, and Winston about how they formed Arab Spring Break, their Middle-Eastern centered comedy show, and the importance of the show in our society. Their stories are perfect for the Ethnically Ambiguous family and we encourage everyone to check out their work! Stay in the loop and follow our extended fam: IG: @ArabSpringBreakComedy / FB: @ArabSpringBreak

We Are Insurgents

In episode 77, the girls get into how George HW Bush was indirectly the reason 9/11 happened, how Dick Cheney is behind ISIS, a metaphor about insurgency and Humboldt County's history with marijuana, and a man who plays cello at bomb sites around Iraq. They also tell a story about the time they went on a true 4th of July adventure! GREAT TIMES!! KEEP LISTENING! TELL A FRIEND!!! WE LOVE Y'ALL!!


1. The First Iraq War Was Also Sold to the Public Based on a Pack of Lies

2. The Gulf War Victory That Never Was

3. Colin Powell: U.N. Speech “Was a Great Intelligence Failure”

4. Raid(s) Of The Day: The CAMP Raids

5. The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds - 358 - George H.W. Bush

6. Amid Violence In Baghdad, A Musician Creates A One-Man Vigil

7. Interview: Why I played the cello at a Baghdad bombsite

8. Karim Wasfi's 'Spontaneous Compositions' Aid Stability In Iraq

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I Am Sofiya Alexandra

In this bonus episode, Anna and Shereen are joined by comedian Sofiya Alexandra to talk about her immigration to America from Ukraine as a young child, her experience growing up in Los Angeles, that one time she was arrested at a protest in Washington DC, and so much more! It's a lovely episode with one of the girl's favorite people! Sofiya is a badass! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @TheSofiya. 

We Are Strong Women

In episode 76 (probably one of the best ones yet!) the girls are joined by Kity Kattan, an Egyptian woman and the mother of former guest and comedian Tamer Kattan. She welcomed the girls into her home & made them Koshery (a delicious Egyptian dish)! They discuss her upbringing, how she ended up with her husband, and what brought them to America from Egypt. It's a truly amazing story of strength, love, family, independence, and more. We can’t wait for y’all to meet this phenomenal human. Do not miss this episode. Also listen to Kity and Tamer's podcast They Tried To Bury Us - both Shereen and Anna were guests on it! We love you Kity!! 

I Am Aristotle Athiras

In this bonus episode, Anna and Shereen are joined by comedian and Goatface member Aristotle Athiras. They get into his experiences growing up in Texas and then Los Angeles, his relationship with his mother, the work he does with Goatface comedy, and more! A lot of impressions of their parents - it's truly hilarious and it's a longer episode cause we just couldn't help it! Also buy our merch on Tee Public!! Happy New Years! Follow Aristotle on Twitter at @athiras and on Instagram at @air_stotle.

We Are Shereen Younes

In this very special New Year's Eve episode, Anna interviews Shereen in a rendition of Inside the Anna's Studio (it's a play off of Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton, duh) - they explore Shereen's filmmaking and her films Vanir, Fall, and Getting Old. They explore how her experience with mental illness and bullying helped inform her work. It's a fascinating episode that takes us on a wild ride of emotions, truth, and passion. Have a happy new year! 

I Am Tamer Kattan

In this bonus episode we're so excited to introduce Tamer Kattan to our Ethnically Ambiguous fam! He's a hilarious comedian we both met while performing at the Arab Spring Break Comedy show and now we're all obsessed with each other. Tamer's life story is fascinating and inspiring; we talk about his upbringing as a mixed-race Egyptian immigrant, his tumultuous relationship with his father, and how he changed careers eight years ago in order to pursue comedy. And we're so glad he did, because his voice is one we've all been waiting for. Follow Tamer on Twitter @TamerKattan and Instagram @TamerKat! 

We Are Anna Hossnieh

In this very special episode, Shereen interviews Anna for an intimate look at her experience with mental health and the often destructive ways she coped with it in her past. We talk very openly about her drug abuse and multiple turning points in her life that served as a wake-up call, telling her to take back control of her life. Normalizing the conversation about mental health is so important and Anna's story is one we're very grateful to share with you. Hope it helps. <3

I Am Andrew Ti

In this special bonus episode, Anna is joined by Yo, Is This Racist's co-host Andrew Ti to chat it up! They get into Andrew's parent's immigration to America from China, the path he took to becoming a podcast host and comedy writer, how religious study groups work, and much more! Find Andrew on Twitter and Instagram at @AndrewTi. 

We Are Evolving

In episode 73, the girls talk about their experiences with mental illness. Shereen talks about actor and host Jameela Jamil and her upbringing and activism. Anna talks about the darker side of her relationship with her father and more. Should they talk about their past with drugs? Let us know! Buy our merch!


1. Jameela Jamil

2. WATCH: Jameela Jamil on banning airbrushing, the Kardashians and her traumatic teens

3. Jameela Jamil Now Wants You to Unfollow Celebrities Selling Detox Teas

4. Telling young women to stay in their lane is sexist, period

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I Am Caitlin Stasy

On this week's bonus episode, Shereen is joined by the one and only Caitlin Stasey. After Shereen finishes gushing about how much she respects Caitlin and the work she does, we talk about her work as a feminist, actor, and creative, and how she utilizes her social media platforms to speak out and lift others up, including being the founder of herself.com. We also get real and personal, talking about queerness, sexuality, our (often critical) relationships with our bodies, and ultimately learning to love and accept yourself. In our opinion, she's the best example of a true feminist. We're so excited for y'all to get to know her! Keep up with her on instagram @caitlinjstasey69! 

We Are Free Women

In episode 72, the girls catch up about what it means to be "extremely hot." They also get into the women's commune in Syria, Freddie Mercury's background and the film Bohemian Rhapsody, and more! Keep listening to our bonus episodes - also tweet at us if y'all think the girls should interview each other!


1. Women in Syria Have Created a Feminist Commune Free of Patriarchy and Capitalism

2. Welcome to Jinwar, a women-only village in Syria that wants to smash the patriarchy

3. Jason Saenz GoFundMe

4. Freddie Mercury

5. Why Queen Was Really Reluctant To Do Bohemian Rhapsody At First

6. Freddie Mercury's story isn't exact in 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' But the film aims to blend truth and art.

7. Rami Malek, Catching Mercury

8. 10 Things You Might Not Know About Freddie Mercury

9. Queen star dies after Aids statement

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I Am Asif Ali

In this bonus episode, Anna is joined by comedian and actor Asif Ali of Goatface comedy. They talk about the Goatface special that just dropped on Comedy Central. Then they get into his experiences working on the show, how his family felt about his comedy, his collaboration with his brothers, the current White House administration, and much more! Follow Asif on twitter and Instagram at @AliComedy. Also go watch the Goatface comedy special on Comedy Central now! 

We Are Descendants Of Hamsters

In episode 71, the girls get into their Thanksgiving experiences, how most of the hamsters in America descend from Syria, the ancient Syrian history in the Roman Empire that no one knows about, and more! They also read some reviews and emails! Is Mohammad Morsi actually Eugene Levy?? We don't know and need you to email us back and explain, Noura.


1. Golden hamster

2. Domestication of the Syrian hamster

3. Julia Domna

4. Julia Domna 2

5. Septimius Severus

6. Septimius Severus 2

7. Caracalla

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