Right Now in Ethnically Ambiguous

We Are Our Vaginas

The girls are here for episode 12 to discuss Las Vegas & if the shooter is a terrorist based off definition of word, how to love your vagina, & more.

We Are Unreasonably Hostile

On episode 11 the girls discuss Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia & Saudi Arabia. One story involves Yoda - who knew? More is talked about as well - promise!

We Are Soraya Sebghati

The girls are back for episode 10 & they have a special guest: Soraya Sebghati! She's Iranian-American & the lead singer of Night Talks.

We Are Losing Our Minds

The girls are back at it again in Episode 9 to discuss their native languages and growing up bilingual, & so much more.

We Are Super Cold

The girls discuss an in-depth article about pilgrimages to Mecca, Trump's decision with DACA, climate change & the downfall of Syria, & more.

We Are Alex Bordyukov

Will You Accept This Russian? For Episode 7, the girls talk to their new best friend Alex Bordyukov about being an an immigrant, & more.

We Are Globalist Cucks

The girls dive back into news about Saudi Arabia (AND ARE NOT HAPPY ABOUT BEING FOOLED BY THEM) & Qatar, a 14 year old boy doing the Macarena, & more.

We Are Our Fathers

The girls get into some real personal “what it’s like to have immigrant parents” talk, & updates with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, a Syria report, & more.

We Are Terrible At This

The girls talk about the Afghan women disabled basketball team, the young Muslim women in an Indonesian metal band, Israel banning Al Jazeera, & more.

We Are Sara June

The girls decided to release an old episode they recorded with comedian Sara June. They talk growing up brown in America with brown parents, & more!

We Are Aladdin

The girls get into the new live-action Aladdin, the 1st same-sex Muslim marriage, the travel ban, the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, & more.

We Are Lobster

For the inaugural episode the girls discuss Qatar & Al Jazeera, the Supreme Court travel ban decision, Syria, the student geniuses of Iran, & more!

We Are Ethnically Ambiguous

Anna & Shereen introduce you to their podcast, give you a taste of the news they've been following, & talk brown girl hair care, & more. Welcome!