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We Are The Bomb

In episode 40, the girls discuss their past week's and then get in to their topics. Anna attempts to break down the Iran Nuclear Deal aka the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. It's a confusing one cause science is hard to explain for her. What's new? Shereen then talks about the history of the Syrian Joan of Arc: Naziq al-Abid who fought heavily for women's right's in the Middle East. She's a real bad-ass! They then discuss their experiences traveling with their families to their respective home countries, Shereen to Syria, and Anna to Iran. As we always say: it's a fun episode! 

EA Footnotes Episode 40: We Are The Bomb

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 40: We Are The Bomb.

We Are Syria

In episode 39, the girls decide to dedicate the entire show to Syria. Why? Because they felt it's necessary to break down why the airstrikes on chemical weapon facilities by the US, UK, and France happened and why it's important. It's an emotional episode as usual and they go through Theresa May's speech about what happened and break it down. They also get into how the West may not be able to solve the problems of the Middle East and why. A lot is covered so feel free to pause, take a breath, and continue at your own pace. Also Shereen finally sheds her first tear while recording an episode! A momentous moment! 

EA Footnotes Episode 39: We Are Syria

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 39: We Are Syria.

We Are Dani Fernandez

In episode 38, the girls are joined by comedian Dani Fernandez to talk about her early life and how she got to LA, her experience auditioning in Los Angeles and getting hosting gigs as a woman of color, representation of minorities in media, a leak of some problematic comments from an acting teacher in Los Angeles, immigrant families lack of discussion of mental illness, her new podcast on How Stuff Works called 'Nerdificent,' and much more. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @MsDaniFernandez. 

EA Footnotes Episode 37: We Are Spicy

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 37: We Are Spicy.

We Are Spicy

In episode 37, Anna & Shereen get spicy. Anna wants to talk about yodeling boy meme but Shereen isn't having it. Oh well! They start by talking a little about the Iranian woman who injured some people at YouTube headquarters and then turned the gun on herself. Then they get into rapper Vic Mensa's essay on his trip to Palestine and Muslim artists who represent from where they came from like SZA, K A R Y Y N, & more. Anna then breaks down Iranian New Year aka Nowruz and all that comes with it. She also explains a little more why she's feeling so spicy. It's a good time! Don't forget to rate + review! 

EA Footnotes Episode 36: We Are April Fools

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 36: We Are April Fools.

We Are April Fools

In episode 36, the girls talk about that immigrant parent cleaning lifestyle - do not leave a mess! Then they get into their stories - Anna talks about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and why the war originally started and what would possibly be keeping it going. Shereen then discusses Syrian New Year and how it happens to fall on her birthday as well as April Fool's Day. It's not a joke! The girls then shout out some folk who sent in nice emails. Please rate & review!! 

We Are Fahim Anwar

In episode 35, the girls are joined by comedian Fahim Anwar to discuss his immigrant parents and their reaction to him leaving his full time job as a engineer at Boeing to  becoming a full time comedian, career choices he made and why, the roles he chooses to audition for, his origins in comedy with his sketch group GoatFace, how his name got the part in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, & more. It's a fun episode that we don't recommend missing! Also find Fahim on Twitter & Instagram at @fahimanwar and check out all his old videos on YouTube under his past alias 'Slezdog2000.' 

We Are Nuts

In episode 34, the girls get into a mysterious disappearance of some almonds at Anna's place, the Austin bombings, the runaway daughter of a Dubai ruler, the Armenian genocide, Gina Haspel & the torture of Abu Zubaydah at a CIA black site, & more.

EA Footnotes Episode 34: We Are Nuts

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 34: We Are Nuts.

We Are Historical

In episode 33, the girls talk about their weeks; Anna went to the Gringo movie premiere, Shereen released her short film. They also talk about the Bin Laden family, the history of Syria, Middle Eastern beauty standards, & more.

EA Footnotes Episode 33: We Are Historical

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 33: We Are Historical.

We Are Over Trash Dictators

It's episode 32 & the girls are back to discuss Bashar Al-Assad's attack on the Syrian city of Ghouta, the Iran-Contra affair & how it compares to the Trump-Russia scandal, then they shoutout listeners who have emailed & tweeted at them!

EA Footnotes Episode 32: We Are Over Trash Dictators

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 32: We Are Over Trash Dictators.

We Are Alaa Khaled

In episode 31, the girls are joined by special guest Alaa Khaled to discuss growing up with his immigrant parents, becoming an actor & changing his name to Alec Ledd to get more auditions, being ethnically ambiguous, his brother DJ Khaled, & more!

EA Footnotes Episode 31: We Are Alaa Khaled

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 31: We Are Alaa Khaled.

We Are Ahed Tamimi

In this weeks episode 30 the girls discuss the possible charges against Netanyahu & the case of Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi in Israel. Then they get into some personal talk about their celebrating birthdays growing up & more. #FREEAHEDTAMIMI

EA Footnotes Episode 30: We Are Ahed Tamimi

Ethnically Ambiguous footnotes for episode 30: We Are Ahed Tamimi.