Right Now in Ethnically Ambiguous

We Are Aladdin

The girls are back for episode 2 & they get into the casting of the new live-action Aladdin, the first same-sex Muslim marriage, an exciting new emoji, Qatar, updates on the travel ban, ISIS, & how the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia came to power.

We Are Lobster

For the inaugural episode of Ethnically Ambiguous, the girls get down to business real quick & discuss Qatar & Al Jazeera, the Supreme Court travel ban decision, issues in Syria, the student geniuses of Iran, a lobster that made it to TSA, & more.

We Are Ethnically Ambiguous

Anna and Shereen introduce you to their podcast, give you a taste of the news they've been following, & talk brown girl hair care, eyebrows, & more. Welcome to new brown America insanity.