We Are This Or That

In episode 91, the girls are on vacation so this one is a little different. They spend the entire episode answering myspace-style questionnaires. They answer some random questions, then do some never have I ever, plus some this or that, and then even would some would you rather's! It's a fun, random episode that will show you more than you ever thought about Anna and Shereen!! WE HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!! 

I Am Lisa Chanoux

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by comedian Lisa Chanoux to discuss her upbringing as an Arab-American in El Paso, Texas. They get into her family's immigration to Texas through Mexico, what brought her to Los Angeles, her comedy, growing up Arab in Texas, and so much more! Check out her podcast What's Your Sign? and follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @asilnoux

I Am Eli Olsberg

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by comedian Eli Olsberg to hear the wildest tale from his life. They get into his upbringing in Florida, his trips visiting his family in Argentina, and most importantly the story of his father. It's a truly amazing episode with some serious ~*vibes*~ that will get ya thinking! Check out Eli's podcasts Closure: The Podcast That Never Ends and Pod Is A Woman. Find him on Twitter at @EliOlsberg and on Instagram

We Are Reza Aslan

In episode 89, Anna and Shereen are joined by the one and only REZA ASLAN!! It finally happened! We got our one true GOD on the show. Haha, see what we did there? Anyway we get into religion, his book GOD, Reza's upbringing, how he is raising his children when it comes to religion, and so much more! Buy his paperback version of GOD on 4/9! Also follow him on Twitter at @rezaaslan and check out his website at rezaaslan.com

I Am Sydnee Washington

In this great bonus episode the girls are joined by New York comedian Sydnee Washington! They get into her upbringing in the Bay Area in California and New York City, her experience with college, deciding to come out, coming up in the comedy scene in New York, her partner and their cats, and much more! Check out her podcast Unofficial Expert and follow her on Twitter at @Justsydnyc (it's work in progress) and on Instagram at @justsydbw

We Are Shereen's Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEREEN!!!! It's episode 88 and it is Shereen's birthday! The girls talk about physical therapy and then get into Saudi Arabia deciding to temporarily release a few female activists who were abused during interrogation, plus Trump deciding that Syria's Golan Height's is an Israeli territory - WRONG! Anyway, April fools! JK, no fools here! HAHAHHAHA!


1. Saudi Arabia temporarily frees three women's rights activists

2. Trump: Time for US to recognise Israeli sovereignty over Golan

3. Trump formally recognises Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

4. Syria condemns Trump's stance on Golan Heights sovereignty

5. Syria requests urgent UN Security Council meeting on Golan

6. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public

I Am Teresa Lee

In this bonus episode the ladies are joined by the one and only comedian Teresa Lee! They talk about her upbringing in the Bay Area with her Taiwanese parents, deciding to go to the east coast for college, getting into comedy, her relationship with her twin and younger brother, struggles with mental illness, and more! Check out her new short film I Think She Likes You which is coming to the Tribeca Film Festival! Listen to her podcasts Pod Is A Woman and You Can Tell Me Anything!  Follow her Instagram and Twitter at @leresatee! Whoop! 

We Are Heavy

In episode 87, the girls get heavy. They read the name of every human being who died in the Mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand and give some background on them. They also get into the rise of ISIL in the Iraq/Syria region and how they still maintain some power. It's a heavy one. We recommend a box of tissues if you're sensitive to such topics.


1. Khaled Beydoun's Twitter

2. The New Zealand Shooting Victims Spanned Generations and Nationalities

3. 4 things to know about Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's prime minister

4. Jacinda Ardern leads New Zealand in aftermath of killings police say could have been worse

5. Anatomy of a 'caliphate': The rise and fall of ISIL

6. Caliphate

7. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public

I Am Moujan Zolfaghari

In this bonus episode, Anna and Shereen are joined by comedy writer and improviser Moujan Zolfaghari to talk all about her upbringing in the Bay Area of California, coming to America from Iran, deciding to pursue comedy, moving to New York, deciding on whether to go to graduate school, and so much more! It's a fun, funny, fun episode! Enjoy and follow Moujan on Instagram at @moujanz.