I Am Laura Chinn

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by Florida Girls creator and star Laura Chinn! They get into her upbringing in LA and and then Clearwater, Florida. She also discuss how she grew up fast because of the lower income community she was in, how she always wanted to be an actor but at times missed having fun with her friends in Florida, how she got into comedy and came up with the idea of Florida Girls, and so much more! Follow her on Instagram at @laurachinnnn and watch Florida Girls on PopTV now!! 

I Am Laci Mosley

In this special bonus episode, the girls are joined by the amazingly talented and hilarious Laci Mosley!! Can you tell how much we love her? WE LOVE HER! They get into her upbringing in Texas, dealing with masked racism in her high school, coming up in New York and then LA, and more! We always have a good time so get ready! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @DivaLaci and GO SEE HER IMPROV SHOWS AT UCB! ALSO WATCH HER ON FLORIDA GIRLS!!!!! On PopTV! All episodes out now! Woohoo!!! 

I Am Mangesh Hattikudur

In this special bonus episode, the girls are joined by HowStuffWorks podcast network's (now iHeartRadio podcast network) own Mangesh Hattikudur! They get into how his parents met and his upbringing, how he was the original hipster, how Mental Floss started, how he ended up at HowStuffWorks, and more! It's been a long time coming getting Mangesh so appreciate our scheduling work! Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @mhattikudur. And listen to his podcast Part-Time Genius! 

We Are Mohammad Bin-GONE

In episode 106, the girls talk about Turkey cracking down on Syrian refugees (for no good reason), an update on the Saudi arms deal, how Mohammad bin Salman will make you be Mohammad bin GONE, and the Dutch banning the burqa and niqabs in public institutions and transportation. Leave us a five star review!


1. As 1,000 Syrians arrested in Turkey, crackdown fears intensify

2. Senate fails to override Trump vetoes of Saudi arms sales bills


4. Saudi Arabia reportedly disappeared a dissident prince by redirecting his plane to Riyadh and then arresting him

5. Dutch ban on burqas and niqabs takes effect

6. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public 

We Are Sobia Ahmad

This week on the podcast, the girls are joined by interdisciplinary artist Sobia Ahmad! They discuss her upbringing as a Muslim both in Pakistan and America, her experience of immigrating when she was fourteen, how her identity informs her art, and more! We also talk about the process of creating her solo show ‘Imbrications’, which highlights the struggle Muslim immigrants face in light of Trump's Muslim ban, as well as the importance of community, representation, and truth. Get ready to be inspired! If you're in the Baltimore area make sure to check out her work at the Catalyst Contemporary Gallery on view until September 7th. Follow Sobia on Instagram @sobia.ahmad.art and check out her website here for more information on her shows. Go make some art, fam!

We Are Demolished

In episode 105, the girls get into an update on Congress's attempt to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Israel demolishing homes in Palestinian controlled territory, the death of the Tunisian president and the countries future, the resignation of Puerto Rico's governor, and more! Buy our merch! Give us a review! 5 stars, no less!! Donate to the Kickstarter for the film Shereen is producing! (link below!!)


1. Trump vetoes Congress’s attempt to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia

2. Israeli rampage of destruction in Jerusalem village

3. Israel's home demolitions a 'war crime': Palestinian envoy

4. Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi dies at 92

5. Tunisia to bring forward presidential polls after Essebsi's death

6. 'Relief and joy' in Puerto Rico as governor announces resignation

7. The Great Valley Kickstarter

8. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public 

I Am Mano Agapion

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined comedian, podcast host, improviser, writer, amazing human Mano Agapion! It's a true wild ride as they learn about his upbringing in North Carolina, growing up in a Greek household, the story of what a legend his mother is, and so much more! There are twists, and turns, and true LAUGH OUT LOUD moments!! Honestly could this episode get better? We don't think so! Follow Mano on Twitter and Instagram at @manoagapion. Listen to What The Tuck? A RuPaul Drag Race podcast on Headgum and We Love Trash on Patreon! GO SEE HIM DO IMPROV IF YOU'RE IN LA!! 

We Are Not Going Back

It's episode 104! The girls talk about emotional manipulation on The Bachelorette, the US and Canada using Southeast nations as dumpsters, how Myanmar families resisting the recruitment of their children, Trump trying to get Ilhan Omar killed, congress finally stepping up and attempting to stop the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, and more! Also there is a heat wave coming! Fuck Nancy Pelosi!


1. 'Not a bin': Cambodia to return plastic waste to US, Canada

2. How Myanmar families resist armed groups recruiting children

3. Crowds chant 'send her back' as Trump renews attack on Ilhan Omar

4. #IStandWithIlhan: Show of support for Omar after racist chants

5. Trump distances himself from 'send her back' chants

6. As Trump seeks distance from racist chant, Omar calls him fascist


8. Defying Trump, US House votes to block Saudi arms sales
9. ‘Dangerous heat wave is building’ as temperatures spike in the central and eastern U.S.

10. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public