I Am Sophia Chang

In this amazing bonus episode, the girls are joined by the legend SOPHIA CHANG aka THE BADDEST BITCH IN THE ROOM! They discuss what lead her to writing her new book (The Baddest Bitch In The Room), growing up with immigrant parents in Vancouver, what lead her to the music industry, how she met the Wu Tang Clan, her favorite artist she's ever signed, and so much more! It's an empowering conversation about what it means to be a woman of color in an industry run my white men. BUY HER BOOK ON AUDIBLE NOW! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! Also follow Sophia on Instagram at @sophchangnyc and on Twitter at @sophchang.

I Am Emily Yoshida

In this special bonus episode, the girls are joined by Night Call podcast's Emily Yoshida! We talk about her upbringing with her mother, moving around the US, her work as a film critic, coming back to LA after going to New York for a few years, and more! We have a lot of out of context quotable in this episodes! Don't ruin us by clipping them out! Whoops! Check out the Night Call podcast and follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram at @EmilyYoshida. YAY, WE LOVE EMILY!

We Are Dreaming

In episode 122, the girls get into their experience watching a screening of Fleabag, the play, in a movie theater, interpretation of dreams through the lens of middle eastern culture, US claiming Israeli settlement's are now 'chill,' Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu being indicted, and much more!! ALSO OUR MERCH IS ON SALE ON TEE PUBLIC SO GO BUY IT NOW!!


  1. Steps of the Individuation Process
  2. The Dream Theories of Carl Jung
  3. A thread on dreams and their meanings
  4. 10 Things to Know about Iran’s Protests
  5. Protests Incited by Gas Price Hike Grip Iran
  6. Iran has claimed 'victory' after protests. So why is the internet still off?
  7. 2019 Iranian fuel protests
  8. US says Israeli settlements are no longer illegal
  9. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu will be indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust
  10. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public

I Am Jay Abdo

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by Syrian-American actor and activist Jay Abdo! They discuss his upbringing in Syria, getting into the performing arts, coming up as an actor in Syria, his activism and what lead him to defecting to the United States, and more! Find him on Twitter at @JayAbdoActor and on Instagram at @jay.abdo. Follow his work and watch his movies!!

We Are Idiocracy

In episode 121, the girls get into how we all must suffer in America cause of our social choices, the European Court Justice wanting all Israeli settlement products labeled so consumers can make informed choices while shopping, the Uber CEO saying some wild shit, updates on what is going on with the Lebanon protests, and more! By more we mean we read some reviews and recommend things to watch.


  1. Poll: 62% of Trump supporters say nothing he could do would change opinion
  2. Court says EU states must label Israeli settlement products
  3. Uber CEO backtracks after calling Saudi murder of Khashoggi "a mistake"
  4. Uber chief called the murder of Jamal Khashoggi ‘a serious mistake’
  5. Hassan Nasrallah: Corruption investigators should 'start with us'
  6. Nasrallah: New government must restore trust with Lebanese people
  7. Is Lebanon on the brink of bankruptcy?
  8. Lebanon protests: Crisis affecting fuel and medicine imports
  9. Hezbollah
  10. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public

I Am Zahra Ali

In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by comedian and one third of Facial Recognition Comedy's Zahra Ali to discuss her upbringing, growing up in New Jersey, how she got into comedy, her day job, dealing with immigrant parents, and more! It's a real therapy session! We think y'all will relate to this episode a lot!! Follow Zahra on Twitter and Instagram at @ReallyZahra. SHE IS THE BEST!

We Are Live

It's time for episode 120 and it's ETHNICALLY AMBIGUOUS LIVE FROM THE CHICAGO PODCAST FESTIVAL!! The girls take turns telling stories and then invite an audience member to come on stage and be a guest on the show!


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I Am Abby Martin

The amazing Abby Martin joins us today! We discuss her incredible work as a journalist, creating her documentary series The Empire Files, her important debut film Gaza Fights for Freedom and the ongoing struggle of the Palestinian people. We also talk about what it means to be a true ally and utilizing your privilege to help others! Follow Abby on Twitter at @AbbyMartin and check out our footnotes for more of her work!


  1. Gaza Fights for Freedom
  2. Chevron vs. the Amazon
  3. WATCH: The Empire Files: The Tyranny of Big Oil
  4. Abby Martin’s Film Gaza Fights For Freedom Humanizes World’s Largest Concentration Camp

We Are Spooky

In episode 119, the girls are recording on Halloween so they recorded a spo0o0o0ooky episode! They get into different facts about the Djinn, talk about known haunted buildings in the Middle East (so spoo0o0oky that Anna kinda of bails on the story and insists y'all go read further below in our footnotes) and then they end on some ghosts who have haunted the Middle East for years (not the type of ghosts you're thinking!)


  1. Ali A Olomi's Twitter Page
  2. 7 Haunted Places In The Middle East That’ll Give You The Creeps
  3. Jeddah’s Haunted House Is A Magnet For Shabab
  4. Jazirat Al Hamra
  6. Mystery of abandoned building in Dubai
  7. Five Ghosts That Haunt the Arab World
  8. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public