I Am Naomi Ekperigin

In this wonderful bonus episode, Anna and Shereen by comedian and Couples Therapy co-host Naomi Ekperigin! They get into his her upbringing by a single mother in New York City, attending a mostly white private school and coming into her own, her experience coming up in the comedy world, and so much more! Naomi is a strong, beautiful woman and we are obsessed with her!! Follow her on Twitter at @Blacktress and on Instagram at @BlacktressComedy! Also check out her podcast Couples Therapy on this very same network! Do it!! 

We Are On Ilhan Omar's Side

In episode 82, Anna and Shereen start by talking about the television shows and movies they grew up watching, then they get into the backlash against Ilhan Omar's tweets about AIPAC, the film Capernaum, and more! It's a nice, concise, episode. We love it! Also go to our twitter and retweet the tweet below in our footnotes for a chance to win free merch! Whoop!


1. Omar: 'I unequivocally apologize' after backlash over new Israel tweets

2. Join AIPAC's Congressional Club

3. Breaking Down Ilhan Omar’s Israel Controversy

4. Capernaum (film)

5. Nadine Labaki

6. Zain Al Rafeea

7. 'Life has been hard on him mostly because he's a refugee': Nadine Labaki writes heartfelt note to young Syrian actor Zain Al Rafeea

8. Tipped for Cannes glory, Beirut slum actors play their real lives

9. Capernaum

10. Frotcast 403: ‘Velvet Buzzsaw,’ With Shereen And Anna From Ethnically Ambiguous


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I Am Taz Ahmed

In this bonus episode, Anna is joined by activist, artist, and #GoodMuslimBadMuslim co-host Taz Ahmed to talk about her work in politics, how she came to create South Asian American Voting Youth (SAAVY), what lead her to start the #GoodMuslimBadMuslim podcast with her co-host, her Muslim Valentine Day cards, her relationship with her family, her time spent in Saudi Arabia, and so much more! She is the coolest and we recommend you check out her show, her v-day cards, and all her work which can be seen below! Follow her on Twitter at @TazzyStar.


1. TazzyStarShop Etsy

2. Taz Ahmed's Website

3. Taz Ahmed's Twitter

We Are Alfred Molina

In episode 81, the women are joined by the much esteemed actor Alfred Molina. The girls cannot believe it! He has been described as ethnically ambiguous his whole life so naturally he was the perfect fit for this show. He tells the girls all about his experiences growing up with immigrant parents in London, his realization that he wanted to be an actor, his struggle becoming a working actor, and so much more! This is a truly amazing episode and we thank Alfred for taking the time to join us. He is THE BEST!! Look out for Shereen and Anna's screenplay with Alfred's dream role in it! 

I Am Ahamed Weinberg

The hilarious Ahamed Weinberg joins Anna and Shereen for this amazing bonus episode! After Shereen admits how much her mom loves Ahamed's comedy they get into Ahamed's journey into comedy, being raised by Muslim-converts on a hippie compound, being a practicing Muslim in America (and how it influences his work) and so much more! He's one of the funniest comedians out there; be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram @ahamedweinberg. 

We Are Being Watched

It's episode 80 and the girls are back at it again! We're all being watched! They start by hearing how Anna is just not having it, but the dog Andie makes her happy. Then they get into what is going on with Venezuela and their presidents, and a film made by Al Jazeera that has been suppressed because reveals how much Israel spies on US citizens. WE ARE ALL BEING WATCHED Y'ALL!!


1. Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see

2. How Israel Spies on US Citizens

3. New Al Jazeera film uncovers 'rotting foundation' of U.S. Israel lobby

4. “National security” cited as reason Al Jazeera nixed Israel lobby film

5. What Is Happening in Venezuela? How It Got Here and Why It Matters

6. What next for Venezuela? Everything you need to know about the country with two presidents

7. EU parliament recognises Venezuela's Guaido as interim president

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I Am Edgar Momplaisir

This week's bonus episode is Shereen joined by Edgar Momplaisir! In addition to co-hosting Culture Kings, Edgar is also a comedian, writer, and performer who has a voice of velvet. His strict Adventist upbringing and relationship with his family is fascinating and there is a lot to pack here, and Shereen gets in deep. Love languages deep. This was such a fun episode to record and we love when our guests get personal - thank you so much to Edgar for opening up to us! Follow him around in person or on twitter @edgarmomplaisir and instagram @awfulgram. 

We Are Depressed

In episode 79, the girls get into the Saudi sisters found dead in New York, Saudi Arabia's plan to become the number one entertainment hot spot, Israel evicting Palestinian families from their homes, tales of torture in Israel's prisons, depression, and more! Truly an uplifting episode. Buy merch and send us pics!! We will repost!


1. Deaths of Saudi sisters found in New York river ruled suicide

2. Saudi Arabia planning 'bull run', rap concert and wax museum

3. Israel evicting Palestinian family to replace them with settlers

4. Jerusalem's Palestinian Cabbies

5. Tales of torture from Israel's prisons

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I Am Sina Grace

In this bonus episodes, the girls are joined by comic book illustrator, artist, and writer Sina Grace! They get into his upbringing by his Iranian mother, his experience coming out to her, being accused of emotional terrorism through gift giving, his work on Marvel's Iceman, and so much more! Follow Sina on Instagram and Twitter at @SinaGrace and check out his work at SinaGrace.com. 

We Are Lightheaded

It's episode 78 and boy do the girls feel lightheaded (not really, just Anna) - anyway they talk about Trump's comments about "ISIS being defeated" (untrue), the harsh winter realities for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the feminist kitting circle in India challenging the patriarchal norms, and so much more! Also starting this week (the 23rd) our merch is on sale on Tee Public! Also send over any non-profit/charities/programs that we can donate t-shirt sales to!! WE LOVE YOU!


1. Has Isis been defeated in Syria, as Trump claims?

2. Civilians, US troops killed in blast in northern Syria

3. India is the most dangerous country for women. It must face reality

4. The feminist knitting circle in India upending patriarchal norms

5. Harsh winter takes deadly toll on Syrian refugees

6. Another winter storm brings further misery to Syrian refugees

7. In Lebanon's storm-hit camps, Syrians help with relief aid

8. 'Can't feel my feet anymore': Syrian refugees brave harsh weather

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