We Are Anti-Zionism

We Are Anti-Zionism Ethnically Ambiguous

In episode 83, the girls hype up Anna's new puppy Ace Biscuits! Then they get into a trans woman in Columbia helping out trans sex workers from Venezuela, Saudi sisters getting stuck in Hong Kong when trying to escape, France declaring anti-semitism the same as anti-zionism, and more! RIP Brody Stevens!


1. Night Call Podcast Episode 54: Warm Chicken Body

2. Colombia's 'Madonna' helps LGBTQ people fleeing Venezuela

3. Saudi Sisters’ Plan to Escape to Australia Is Halted in Hong Kong

4. Desperate and alone, Saudi sisters risk everything to flee oppression

5. France to criminalize anti-Zionism

6. Jewish Voice For Peace

7.WATCH: The Brody Stevens Interview Challenge: Zach Galifiankis Part 1

8. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public