We Are Burning

We Are Burning Ethnically Ambiguous

In episode 110, the girls catch up on Succession, talk about the new wild roller coaster coming to Six Flag's Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Harvard freshmen deported back to Lebanon, the burning of the Amazon, Denmark's new climate change accord, and more! DONATE TO HELP SAVE THE AMAZON (LINKS BELOW!)! WE CAN'T RECOVER IT ONCE IT IS GONE!!!


1. Watch: Saudi Arabia to have the 'longest, highest and fastest roller coaster' in the world

2. Incoming Harvard Freshman Deported After Visa Revoked

3. The Amazon Cannot Be Recovered Once It’s Gone

4. Everything you need to know about the fires in the Amazon

5. ‘Let’s integrate these citizens’: Amazon tribe’s survival threatened by Bolsonaro’s construction plans

6. Denmark’s New Government Places Climate Change As A Top Priority

7. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public

How you can help the Amazon!

1. WWF 5 Ways To Help The Amazon

2.Donate to protect an acre of rainforest

3. Rainforest Trust

4. Defend Indigenous rights and protect the rainforest by donatingor signing a pledge

5. Signal boost the Indigenous Women's March

6.Learn more about Indigenous Rights