We Are Full Psycho

We Are Full Psycho Ethnically Ambiguous

In episode 55, the girls break down all the drama that is going on with Saudi Arabia and Canada. Anna then talks about how she should be allowed to talk about being full psycho and not be made to feel any sort of way about it. Shereen talks about how people question her queerness. We're all dealing with stuff out here folks! Also they call Anna's mom and bug her to answer their questions. Woohoo! Footnotes are officially below.


1. Why Saudi Arabia is waging diplomatic war on … Canada

2. Saudi-Canadian Feud Hits Absurd Heights With Tweet Evoking 9/11-Style Attack

3. Saudi Arabia rules out mediation with Canada over rights criticism, weighs new punitive steps

4. UBC providing supports for students from Saudi Arabia

5. Following Saudi Arabia’s student recall, UBC urges affected students to contact enrolment services

6. Saudi Arabian medical residents and clinical fellows caught in the middle of diplomatic spat

7. UBC alumna still indefinitely detained in Saudi Arabia, following diplomatic fallout with Canada