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We Are Lit Ethnically Ambiguous

In episode 109, the girls catch up after Orlando Podcast Movement, and then get into Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib's press conference over Israel and Trump, the HBO mini-series Our Boys, the deadline for unregistered Syrians to leave Istanbul, war hawk Tulsi Gabbard, Islamophobia in Italy, and more! Leave a review! 5 stars no less! Buy merch! Sales!


1. Omar, Tlaib on Israeli Travel Ban: 'We Can't Let Trump and Netanyahu Hide Occupation'

2. How Our Boys Painstakingly Re-creates an Israeli-Palestinian Tragedy

3. Our Boys (miniseries)

4. Deadline elapses for unregistered Syrians to leave Istanbul

5.Tulsi Gabbard is not the pro-peace presidential candidate we want

6. Italy's Muslims uneasy after election of far-right government

7. The resurgence of Oriana Fallaci's anti-Islam message in Italy

8. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public