We Are Shereen's Birthday

We Are Shereen's Birthday Ethnically Ambiguous

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEREEN!!!! It's episode 88 and it is Shereen's birthday! The girls talk about physical therapy and then get into Saudi Arabia deciding to temporarily release a few female activists who were abused during interrogation, plus Trump deciding that Syria's Golan Height's is an Israeli territory - WRONG! Anyway, April fools! JK, no fools here! HAHAHHAHA!


1. Saudi Arabia temporarily frees three women's rights activists

2. Trump: Time for US to recognise Israeli sovereignty over Golan

3. Trump formally recognises Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

4. Syria condemns Trump's stance on Golan Heights sovereignty

5. Syria requests urgent UN Security Council meeting on Golan

6. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public