We Are The Evil Eye

We Are The Evil Eye Ethnically Ambiguous s

In episode 58, the girls are joined by Jewish-American comedian Alison Stevenson to talk about her experience growing up with an Israeli mother and going on to Israel to visit her family, why she avoids talking about politics in her comedy, how the evil eye has been a very prominent symbol in her life, and more! Also the three of them talk about Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif's comments about the choices of Iranians, how France wants to boycott a Gap ad because of a girl in a hijab, a Muslim women being forced to show bloody pad to TSA, and more!


1.Iranians' Choice? 'No, Mr. Foreign Minister, We Didn't Choose This Path'

2. A Gap ad with a girl in a hijab shows how differently the US and France view personal liberty

3. Muslim woman forced to show officials her pad during airport screening

4. Eat Me by Alison Stevenson

5. V Single Podcast By Alexandra Tweten & Alison Stevenson

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